Revamping my blog – the new me!


So I’ve decided to revamp my blog, and make it about my interests, and not worry if it isn’t what other people want to read. I want to make this platform my safe haven for discussing anything and everything I want to talk and write about, and whatever my interests are.

I have grown as a person so much since starting this blog, and even more so throughout these last few months. The situation we find ourselves in, the devastation of the global pandemic, is terrifying. Lockdown has been tough, although I have been incredibly lucky. Not everyone has got through this, and my heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved once through this awful virus.

Lockdown, however, has enabled me to become a bit more in touch with who I am as a person, and my spiritual side. This has extended from my stay in Sedona, Arizona last September, where I stayed on my honeymoon for three nights, and was first introduced to the sense of calmness and tranquillity spiritualism can bring you. I started to research it well, including holistic practices. This has gradually grown and throughout lockdown I have been practising many self-care mindfulness practices, such as meditation, yoga, and writing in a  journal. I’ve developed a more comfortable, hippie sort of mentality and I feel much more at peace with myself. I’ve read more, and I’ve painted for the first time in years. I’ve become much more in touch with nature, and I’ve enjoyed being outside and gardening. I have started growing a few vegetables and lots of flowers, and I’ve loved going on countryside walks. I’m trying to live a more peaceful, calm life. My awareness has grown so much.

As a result, I’m going to write about different topics than I have before. I’ve updated and archived some posts that aren’t very me any more. I’ll also not try to force myself to write at certain amount of times to generate blog traffic, as that’s way too much pressure, and takes away the fun of everything. I need to remember that I started blogging to write about MY interests, and I started just writing posts for the sake of it, because I though others might want to read it. I’ll write when I want to, when I feel I could naturally write, and not just because I feel I have to.  I will strive to always be the version of myself that I want to be. My interests have grown and so has my vibe. The sort of posts I’d like to write are about mindfulness, spiritualness, nature, gardening, books I enjoy -with gentle reviews, rather than forcing myself to write an A-Level style analysis. I’ll take each step at a time, and enjoy everything I write about. I’ve changed the style of my blog slightly, and will continue to play around with customising it to make it more, well, me!

If you’re still reading, thank you!

Michelle ‘Elle’, Garnets&Glitter

4 thoughts on “Revamping my blog – the new me!

  1. Great post, it’s a great idea to just write whatever and forget the stats. Unless of course you’re a content writer or just doing for the money, then fair play you need the output. Good luck 😀


    1. Thank you! Yes definitely, I’m not doing it for that so I do need to just write and enjoy! Thank you for your comment 😀 x


  2. This is a lovely post. It’s so great to read that you’re going to write for your love of writing and the topics you want to explore, rather than just to try to fit in with what might be popular at the moment. This is so important and I love your blog! Thank you for sharing and being so open and honest.

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