My Lockdown Morning Routine for Spiritual Mindfulness

Hey all!

I wanted to write about my morning routine since we have been in lockdown. It definitely didn’t happen straight away. In fact, for the first two weeks of lockdown and working from home, I’d stay in my pyjamas, get up just before I was supposed to turn my laptop on, didn’t have any structure or routine at all and I felt so terrible. It was then that I started to become more interested in Spiritualism (after initially becoming intrigued with it back in Sedona, AZ last year, I’ll discuss this in full at some point) and I was watching YouTube videos and reading articles about spiritual morning routines which really inspired me to create a calming morning routine that would suit me. I feel much more prepared for the day by getting up earlier and having a routine before I start work, and in turn I feel more positive.So, first of all I get up, and head to the bathroom. I brush my teeth first, and have a shower. I’ll often put on some relaxing music, such as ‘spa’ or ‘nature sounds’ etc, or Celtic/ Native American music. You can find lots of choice online and it’s really soothing. I’ll then get dressed, and head downstairs to make a drink. I love coffee, but I’ve recently discovered matcha, and it’s gorgeous! It tastes really nice and feels like a daily detox. It has numerous health benefits also, so what’s not to like?

Loving the cup of hot Matcha

Then, with my matcha I’ll usually head up to our small box room where I have set up my little meditation space.

Love this chilled, Bohemian, comfortable space I’ve made to relax in!

I’ll light some incense and chill out. I often try to meditate in this time, whether it’s for 5 minutes or 20 minutes or more, depending on what time I have. I usually use guided meditations from YouTube or my FitBit premium app, though sometimes I’ll just listen to meditation music and sometimes I’ll just sit quietly, it depends on how I feel. I love the feeling of the energy surrounding you. Sounds crazy I know, but if you try it, and really get into it, you’ll know what I mean.

I really like this incense from The Psychic Tree

I write in my journal most days, and I’ll usually write down at least one thing that I’m grateful for that day. It could be a person, a thing, a feeling, anything. For example, today I was grateful for the rain for my garden. I’ll then write my intentions for the day or the week, and set out what I’d like to achieve. I don’t put lots of pressure on myself as it would have the opposite effect, but I like to at least have some things to work towards. Today for instance, I put that I wanted to write this post, and then do some painting after work. It could be anything, small or large, just to focus your mind. I’ll try to write positive sentences, such as “today will be a great day” and a positive thing about or to myself. I think this really helps with mindfulness and is a great way of trying to make your day start with positivity!20200630_0758206736935962804352276.jpgI also have Moonology cards, and each day I will pick one, and ask for advice for my day. I have a think about it and write what it says in my journal. I have these wonderful ones from Yasmin Boland:

I’ll also write in the current Moon phase, and what sign it’s currently under. I have the handy booklet 2020 calendar shown below from Astrocal and it contains all the information a moon lover could need! I’ll then close my journal once I’m happy, and read my horoscope book – proud Capricorn over here! 

Shoutout to my girl and fellow Cap Billie for buying me this!

Sometimes I change this around a bit, if it’s a nice morning I’ll sometimes go and meditate/ journal/ relax outside. Just sitting and listening to the birds is so tranquil, I could listen for hours on end. Breathing in fresh air and looking at all the plants is really calming. I try to get outside as much as possible these days, I’ve become so drawn to nature, and I really love it.20200617_1847486877963693896510074.jpgBreakfast changes between what I fancy eating and what is in the house. Shopping has of course become a little more difficult, and we’re trying to only go shopping when we need to, and to buy from our local farms and markets and butchers as much as we can. Today,  I based my breakfast on the trend of the ‘Acai Bowl’ (just search pinterest for this, you’ll be in awe), however I didn’t have anything with Acai, so it’s just a fruit smoothie with frozen strawberries, raspberries, cherries and peaches mixed with apple juice and almond milk. I added the granola and the blueberries. It was really really delicious and I’d definitely recommend for a healthy breakfast; although it was a little bit of faffing around it was worth it. The fruit was from our local market and I’d sliced and frozen it.

20200630_1003533525942037561647748.jpg Delicious!

After that, it’s time to grab a glass of water and get working!I would love to hear more about other morning routines, so please do comment below with yours or links to any posts I should read! If you’re also a spiritual person, let me know that too 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Elle XxX

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7 thoughts on “My Lockdown Morning Routine for Spiritual Mindfulness

  1. Beautiful post. I have made a universal guided meditation journal – designed to combine not only guided journaling but also as a form of spiritual therapy – link is if interested.

    I love how more people are getting interested in spirituality since lockdown. It is truly the ultimate form of self-care & what my blog is mostly about for now. Spirituality has been life changing.

    Aside from using my Reflection Journal, I also love to spend time just noticing that energy! Also, do check out my fav artist – Sizzlebird on SoundCloud – some amazing tunes to completely surrender and meditate to!

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