My Eco-Friendly Save Some Green ‘Haul’!

Hey all!

In honour of #PlasticFreeJuly I want to talk about becoming a bit more eco-friendly and my recent #SaveSomeGreen order.

I just want to say a little disclaimer first. I am in no way completely plastic free or zero waste, and I’m not trying to be preachy. I’m just making small changes as and when to try and cut down on plastic use. The items I’m going to discuss in this post were all brought because I was running low on these sorts of items and wanted to find a more sustainable solution. I say haul in the title just to explain, but I feel like that kind of defeats the object! There is no point just buying lots of eco-friendly products if you already have them in plastic form, you may as well use that up first. Always use what you have. Each time I am running low on something, I do a bit of a search to see if there is a more sustainable solution. I really want to try and do my bit in saving our beautiful planet.

So anyway, here is my little “haul” of eco-friendly products for my kitchen and bathroom. I really like Save Some Green. They are a small UK business and they pride themselves in being eco-friendly, affordable and plastic-free. They only use recyclable/reclaimed, degradable packaging, even down to their plastic-free tape, which they also sell. You can see all of their products on their website here.

20200701_1743088674847299827574668.jpg My order – perfectly plastic-free

First up, kitchen! To cut down on using the dishwasher, I’m trying to wash up by hand more.  To do this in a more eco-friendly way, I have bought a bar of dishwash soap and a bamboo scrubbing brush. I really like using them, they clean so well – better than my dishwasher to be perfectly honest. I also have a coconut fibre wash pad for the toughest of stains, it’s completely natural and doesn’t scratch pans etc. Next, the utensils! A bamboo rice paddle and a bamboo spatula. They would really well for cooking, and the rice spatula makes for some very authentic-feeling cooking!

Of course, one of the biggest plastic pollution items is undoubtedly plastic straws. Many people are now using paper straws which are much better than plastic, but still single use. I bought myself some bamboo straws from Etsy a few months ago and now from Save Some Green I have metal straws! I bought four, and they were sent in a little cloth bag (perfect for transporting to your local bar/ pub/restaurant) and a brush to thoroughly wash them with. To hold the dishwashing soap I added a bamboo soap dish to my order, and then decided to add two more to my order for my two bathroom sinks. I’ve been using bars of soap much more recently – of course, none that have plastic packaging!Speaking of bathrooms, I decided to go with the tooth health subscription. Essentially, every three months, you have a toothbrush and floss and toothpaste if you wish, you are sent your new items. I’ve been using my Save Some Green bamboo toothbrushes for almost a year now, and I’d never go back to plastic. Save Some Green offer  a variety of bamboo toothbrushes, from different sizes, different firmness of bristles, and even charcoal options. I selected to also include some biodegradable vegan charcoal dental floss and some toothtabs! I’ll be honest, I was very sceptical of the toothtabs at first, especially as it’s so weird to essentially chew up a tablet and then allow i to dissolve into a paste, but it generally feels like it cleans so well and my mouth feels super fresh. I personally chose the ones with flouride but there is a non-flouride version if you prefer. You can also amend your subscription at any time, so if you didn’t need any floss for example one time, you can just get your toothbrush and toothpaste instead. I’m really happy about this subscription, especially as it means I don’t have to worry about ordering a new toothbrush every three months (as per recommendations). I also got myself a coconut fibre body scrub sponge, which is wonderful and still looks like new with daily use.So there we have it, I love Save Some Green! They are very reasonably priced too which is great – for many people the price of some eco-friendly alternatives can be a huge issue, which is a shame. If you aren’t in the best financial situation and you can buy a product for 50p which is plastic or £3 for a more sustainable alternative, you know what you would choose. I grew up in the situation where that sort of price difference was very, very prolific. Obviously it’s usually a lot cheaper to make en masse the products which are made from plastic, but hopefully in time more companies will explore better alternatives. We can’t change our ways overnight. Just one small step to lower your plastic use can generally help to make a difference.I also just want to say that I’m not in any way affiliated with this wonderful company, I just really like their products!Are you trying to lower your plastic use? Perhaps you have some eco-friendly tips? Or maybe you also love Save Some Green! Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Elle x

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14 thoughts on “My Eco-Friendly Save Some Green ‘Haul’!

  1. These products look great. I’m thinking of putting together a ‘sustainability starter kit’ for one of my friends who wants to start being more sustainable and these products would be great for that x

    Roni |

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  2. Great choices! I need to get a wooden dish scrubbing brush! I didn’t even think of that. Stainless steel straws are one of my next planned swaps.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Honestly I’m so glad I purchased this, it’s perfect for getting right into cups and glasses and bottles! The straws are great too! X


  3. Love your post! I have been wanting to get a brush scrubbie for the kitchen for a while. This post reminded me that I need to get on that haha I love mouthwash tabs from georganics. I tried toothy tabs from Lush and was a bit traumatized, but I might give a different brand another try. Thanks for the tips!

    Grislean |

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Aha I love it! Ooh I haven’t tried mouthwash tabs, as I still have ordinary mouthwash to use up before, I will give those ones a go! Ooh I haven’t tried the lush ones, maybe that’s one to steer clear of! Not sure how the lush ones are but these ones go into a paste very easily and it feels like normal toothpaste then, with a very mild taste, or they do for me at least! X

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      1. The lush ones tasted more like baking soda. Maybe I just would have to get used to it but i didn’t like the taste so I brushed as fast as possible to get the taste out faster 😂


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