Tracy Chevalier – Remarkable Creatures Review

Hey all! Happy November! I thought I'd kickstart the month with a long overdue book review. The Details: Title: Remarkable Creatures Author: Tracy Chevalier Publisher: Harper Collins Published in: 2009 Number of pages (in this paperback edition): 340 I know I like basically every book I read, but I did especially love this one. Chevalier … Continue reading Tracy Chevalier – Remarkable Creatures Review

Starting University? Here are my thoughts and tips!

Hi everyone, So it's been four years since I started my history degree at Oxford Brookes University, and just over a year since I graduated with my 2:1 with honours. Looking back, there are so many things I enjoyed, so many things I wish I'd done, and so many tips I wish I had been … Continue reading Starting University? Here are my thoughts and tips!