Monday’s Child Skin Perfecting Oil Review

Hey lovelies!

I hope everyone is doing ok in the lockdown wintery world. The sun is shining in Oxfordshire today despite the cold, which always make me feel happier. I’m looking forward to the Spring for sure!

Anyway, over to today’s blog post! I recently purchased this Skin Perfecting Oil from Monday’s Child and I wanted to have a good old chin-wag about it. Monday’s Child are a skincare company which specialises in being all natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, sulphate, paraben and chemical free and being made in the UK which is all very fabulous of course. They also pledge to help towards funding the planting of one tree for every order which is absolutely brilliant. The box and bottles are fully recyclable, and the box contains recycled materials.

This oil contains all natural oils: Jojoba, Calendula, Rosehip, Sunflower Seed, Lavender, Geranium and Frankincense. It states that it is tailored for oily and blemish prone skin (that would be moi then). I love the smell – I think the lavender and geranium oil comes through most for me. It’s quite a strong scent which I personally really like, especially as I apply it just before bed, but one to look out for if you like more subtly scented products. I find the scent extremely therapeutic so if you’re into aromatherapy this could be one for you – I find it’s really calming for the evening, almost like a spa feeling! The product comes in a 30ml bottle, and I’ve found you only need a really small amount to cover your whole face, so I think it will last a while. This may be just me, but the fact that the liquid is golden in colour generally makes me feel like I am generally putting liquid gold on my face! I think this makes the oil feel even more luxurious.

The product bottle states that it should be used on freshly cleansed skin, which me being me didn’t read and just put a drop on my skin when I opened the box – as I hadn’t cleansed or exfoliated that day it ended up acting like a peel! (read the instructions next time Elle). However, for the last week I have been doing my usual skincare routine in the evenings and finishing off with this oil. If I’m honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this, as I’ve tried so many skincare products over the years and I very rarely see any changes it my skin. It’s always oily in places and dry in others, quite dull and often red and blemished on my cheeks. I am like a patchwork quilt. It’s always worse in the colder months, when central heating and lack of fresh air have a definite impact. I hadn’t really taken much notice of my skin, until I caught sight of myself in the mirror yesterday, and I was so surprised that my skin actually looked, well, good! It looks hydrated, glowing and much clearer and brighter than usual – I am generally quite amazed. My skin is feeling really great and I’m feeling so much more confident already. I haven’t been using make up much because of lockdown, but pre-working from home I wore foundation every single day – perhaps I wont need to when we come out the other side (she says with the immense hope that that will be sooner rather than later).

I’d also like to say how beautifully presented and wrapped the product is. It comes with a lovely hand-written note and information about the product, in sustainable packaging and is beautifully wrapped with a bow. This all gives the product a nice personal touch and it definitely put a smile on my face!

Bit of a disclaimer, this product wasn’t gifted or affiliated, but I did get £10 off from Monday’s Child after interacting with their Instagram account. Originally it is £36 which is totally understandable given the included ingredients and the fact that they are a really sustainable company, but I have to admit usually I wouldn’t pay that sort of price for skincare, especially when I haven’t tried it before. However I would definitely pay the full price for this product now I know how much it has helped my skin within just one week.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Let me know if you’ve tried this product or any of your favourite sustainable skincare tips in the comments!

Elle x

7 thoughts on “Monday’s Child Skin Perfecting Oil Review

  1. I’m a big fan of oils for skin, especially when they contain beneficial essential oils – Geranium and Frankincense are among my favourites, they’re both amazing for skin. Glad you got on so well with this facial oil!

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