My Reading Goals for 2021

Hey all!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve really re-found my love for reading in the past year. As it’s a new year, I want to outline my reading goals for 2021.

I’ve decided my target with be 21 books as it’s the year 2021. This may not sound like a huge amount but to me it will be a slight challenge, as I’m still working full time and helping with other projects in my local community or attending classes – virtual of course! I have been helping out at a local Brownies group for the past few years, I do yoga and I’ve just started with the editorial team of my local village’s newspaper, so still lots going on albeit virtually! I think 21 could be a good target, it averages just under 2 books a month so hopefully I will be able to succeed!

I’m currently re-reading the Twilight Saga. I know that it’s a very marmite series these days, but I do love it! I’ve almost finished Eclipse, then I’ll be reading Breaking Dawn. I would also like to read the new book in the series, Midnight Sun, as to be honest that is what inspired me to re-read them in the first place! The issue I have is that I’ll be keeping an eye out to read it second-hand – my goal last year was never to buy a brand new book, always second-hand ones, as I became more environmentally conscious. It often takes a little while for newly released books to end up on second-hand websites, therefore it can be a bit of a waiting game! If anyone knows of any good websites to get them from please do let me know! I’ve been using Amazon and World of Books, but I’m not overly keen on using Amazon too much and I’ve found that World of Books deliver in non-recyclable plastic packaging. Obviously the way of avoiding this would be to just use my kindle, but I’m 25 going on 85 and I really struggle with reading from a screen. There’s just nothing like a good physical book. Libraries are of course out of the question at the moment as well!

Aside from finishing the Twilight series, I want to read the next book in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series, A Court of Silver Flames, but again when that book is released it may be a while until I get it second hand. I’ll definitely have to try and hide the spoilers!! It does however mean that I want to read the entire series again despite only reading it in the Summer – I have only been THAT captivated in a series once before; to the tune that it was all I could think about day in day out and I could physically see myself in that fantasy world – the other being Harry Potter. I did write reviews of ACOTAR and ACOMAF – I think I nearly burst trying not to reveal too many spoilers and going borderline insane so by the time I had read ACOWAR I didn’t write a review – perhaps when I re-read them I’ll be slightly calmer and I continue my reviews on here! I do still have ACOFAS to read too, I’ve been forcing myself to save it so that I still have some of Feyre’s story to read anew!

Talking of the amazing Sarah J Maas, I am going to try her other works. A second-hand copy of Crescent City is on it’s way to me so I will be starting that series. A few other possible reads on my list are Witch Child by Celia Rees, The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury, Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Katherine Webber and The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill. Most of these were second hand from my cousin and have been sat intriguing me from my bookshelf for a little while so I will give them all a read. If you have any books that you absolutely love and think I should try, please let me know in the comments! Also do let me know your 2021 reading goals and what titles you are aiming to read this year, or if you have read any of the books that I have mentioned!

Thanks for reading!

Elle x

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21 thoughts on “My Reading Goals for 2021

  1. Great goals – it’s good to challenge yourself, but remember not to worry if you dont manage it. It’s the enjoyment you get from reading the books that matters!! Sarah J. Mass is a great writer, and I think reading that series will definitely help you achieve your goal!! Good luck!! Xx

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  2. Twenty-one books is a great goal to set for the year. I hope you are able to read all of the books you have planned to get to. I feel like I am one of the only people left out there that hasn’t read the Twilight series.

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  3. These are great goals! Don’t worry about numbers, you need to enjoy it and it’s not a race! I loved the whole ACOTAR series as well as Throne of Glass, can’t wait for February! Thanks for sharing x

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