Smol Eco-Friendly Household Products Review

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If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I recently purchased some products from Smol – laundry capsules, fabric conditioner and dishwasher tablets. As I now have had chance to use them quite a few times, I wanted to discuss my findings!

I’ll start by saying that if you haven’t seen my Instagram, Twitter or read any of my previous posts, I am trying to make more eco-friendly purchases and be much more conscious about what I am consuming and about the effect on the environment. I’m using what I already have first and foremost, and then choosing a greener alternative when I need to buy more of whatever I’ve run out of – this time, it was laundry detergent and conditioner. I have recently tried the EcoEgg which I thought was a brilliant contraption, and I love the idea of using a natural, reusable product, but I found it didn’t give my clothes the freshness I desired and wasn’t really very good at all at cleaning stains (inadvertently demonstrated by my husband who is exceptionally good at getting his dinner down his front or putting his sleeve in goodness knows what). So, I had a little look online to see what other products I could try, and I found Smol.

Smol currently sell four products: bio and non-bio laundry capsules, fabric conditioner, and dishwasher tablets. I chose the non-bio option as I have quite sensitive skin, however I’m keen to try the bio ones too, to compare and see if my skin is fine with them being as it’s all much more natural than standard washing powder. Smol also offer a brilliant subscription service so you’ll never need worry about running out of laundry products again, you just simply use the calculater on the website to determine how often you will need the subscription based on how much washing you do a week etc, and your product will arrive. You’ll know I love the handy idea of eco-friendly subscriptions if you saw my previous post about the Wild Refill Deodorant as I am very forgetful! Smol are also completely cruelty-free (leaping bunny approved) so I am comfortable purchasing from them.

The Laundry Capsules

Smol offer a free trial of these super-handy capsules so you can try them first, which shows that they are pretty confident in their product! They come in a plastic-free box with a child lock contraption so it’s very safe; it’s generally a brilliant, innovative idea! You have to remove the tabs and push the sides and end out until the internal box shows you to stop. Hard to explain, and hard to figure out at first if you’re like me and aren’t great at reading clear instructions, but definitely great for peace of mind if you have young ones. The box fits in the letterbox so it’s all nice and easy, and as I said above you work out how often you will need them delivered via the Smol website. You just pop the capsule in the washing machine drum with your washing and it dissolves in the water and washes your clothes. That’s all well enough, but do they work? I found the answer to that to be a yes! The clothes come out smelling lovely and fresh, nice and clean and stain free. Super simple!

The Fabric Conditioner

The FabCon! This is the only product to come in ‘plastic’, however, the plastic is a lovely shade of grey because it is made out of 100% post-consumer waste and fully recyclable – if you’re not completely confident in your local recycling scheme you can actually send them back to Smol in the box they arrived in for re-use and refill! My local recycling centre is pretty good but I will be sending them back for reuse for sure! Also, it lasts so much longer than fabric conditioner usually does, as it’s extremely concentrated – you only need four squirts of the product in your conditioner draw and you’re good to go. In fact, based on me doing 4-5 loads a week at most, I only need the two-bottle package every seven months, and they are only £10 for both! Who said being eco-friendly was expensive? This product is definitely the future. The best part is that unlike many other fabric conditioners, this doesn’t contain any animal products such as animal fat. Yep, the conditioner you may be currently using could be coating your clothes in animal fat – eww. Smol contains no animal-derived products. My clothes feel super soft after using this and I generally am in love.

The Dishwasher Tablets

Now, slight disclaimer, as I know using a dishwasher in general uses a lot of energy. We have as a household cut right down on our dishwasher use, especially since I bought some great hand dishwashing utensils – see my Save Some Green Haul post for further details on that! However, sometimes it is necessary and much easier to use the dishwasher, and if we do, we make sure it’s completely full and therefore worth it, we also select the inbuilt eco setting and now, we have eco-friendly tablets to go with it. After previously using the Aldi dishwashing tablets (as they are cruelty-free) and often finding that many items would come out still pretty dirty, I was pleasantly surprised about these tablets! They do clean well and makes it worthwhile using the dishwasher. I don’t think the products come out particularly sparkling, although that may just be my dishwasher needing it’s filter cleaned through, and they are still much cleaner than before. They come in the same sort of box as the laundry capsules with the child lock function which is brilliant.

Have you tried these products? Perhaps you have some other eco-friendly products to recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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Elle x

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8 thoughts on “Smol Eco-Friendly Household Products Review

  1. I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I love that they offer eco-friendly household products that are actually effective! It’s great that the laundry capsules & dishwasher tablets come in a plastic-free box & the fabric conditioner bottle can be sent back to them!

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