A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas – Book Review

*WARNING – this post contains some big spoilers. I had tried to keep it to a minimum but I got way too overexcited so you haven’t read this book yet and don’t want to find out anything about it, don’t read on. If you haven’t read the first book A Court Of Thorns and Roses, start there, it’s an amazing series!*

Hey all!

If you’ve read the series and you saw my post about the first book, A Court of Thorns and Roses, you must have been jumping up and down with amusement at my total naivety. DAMN THE TIDES HAVE CHANGED WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. Sometimes the first book is always the best, and the sequels get more forced. I loved the first book, and then I read the second, and fell even more in love with this one. There are so many twists and turns that you would never expect, it is generally like riding a roller-coaster when you’re reading this book.

First of all, and here is the big spoiler I was talking about – Tamlin you are yesterday’s news!!!! I just cannot believe I didn’t picture Feyre and Rhys. I thought throughout the first book that I’d be devastated if anything happened to Feyre and Tamlin. Now I’m rooting for Tamlin to be banished for everything he has done throughout this book just to control Feyre. In the first book, I kept thinking ‘wow, Tamlin really loves her, he’s just protective, he’d do anything for her’, but if you think of this in a real-life scenario it is controlling and borderline abusive. Feyre doesn’t have a voice, she’s unsupported, and is there just as is described, The High Lord’s Pet. My actual stupid words were, and I quote from my last post, Tamlin’s decision to put Feyre’s safety about all else is a clear indication of his love for her and his genuine good-nature. HA! Not on your nelly. I think past me needs to realise that is a clear indication of Stockholm Syndrome. I even compared Beauty and the Beast and didn’t put it all together. How wrong I was. Tamlin you are cancelled. I’m literally so mad about the actions of a fictitious character that I can barely speak about him and everything he has done, to Feyre and to Prythian. I generally don’t think I’ve felt this amount of hate and rage toward a character since I was introduced to Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix when it was released and I was seven.

Feyre our QUEEN is such a strong female character and she has just become more powerful throughout the series. She was tough before but has just grown so much since she escaped the Spring Court and I loved seeing her heal. Feyre is an incredible role model and her character just shows that even when you’re at your lowest, you really can get through it and rise again. Her bravery even when in mortal danger is inspiring and you resonate with her to such a high extent.

I love the dynamic of Feyre’s and Rhy’s relationship, where he will share his concern if he is worried about Feyre, but gives her the choice, all the way along. Even when he reveals how long he has known that Feyre is his mate, he was willing to not tell her anything until she was ready, even going as far as not wanting to stop her marrying another man until he realised she wasn’t 100% happy, because to him Feyre’s happiness is everything. Their flirting throughout the book was highly amusing, and I found myself grinning away to the pages like the Cheshire cat. Despite the fact that I love these two I also loved her and Tamlin until he proved who he really was (yes I’m still fuming I can’t let it go) so I am really hoping a spanner (or arrow) isn’t thrown in the works for the remainder of the series.

I also love the wit of Rhy’s character; it’s extremely refreshing. It’s like a breath of fresh air compared to the dramatic nature of the series, and I do think it provides the reader with a complete juxtaposition of feelings. I love how you see how far he has come from the days before the war, through being Under The Mountain, to becoming who he is now. His emotions and vulnerability are great to see in a way – we see a super strong warrior female and a male who in the end is willing to admit that he is quite broken, shows that he is suffering still from what has happened to him (as we in the real world would know as PTSD), and sees his partner as his equal, not a female who is below him. I have found the comparisons of equality and inequality that are highlighted in this book fascinating and somewhat relatable.

I of course have loved being introduced to Rhys’s ‘family’. The mysterious Amren for sure, I hope we find out what she really is in the next book, or perhaps the mystery causes the fear itself. I do think she is an excellent ally to have onside. Mor is again an uber powerful female goddess, so kind and throughtful, yet fierce and strong-willed. Despite the absolute shock in terms of Nesta and Elain, I found that they have grown so much since the first book, and will be a huge part of what happens in book 3. I love the amount of female role models in this series – other than Ianthe obviously, don’t even get my started on her and her sadistic manipulative ways. I of course can’t forget about the Illyrian wonders Azriel and Cassian. Despite their awful beginnings, they are so strong, and so loyal. I feel like everyone needs friends like Azriel and Cassian. They have become the older brothers Feyre never had and I am living for the relationship between them and Rhys – quite literally brothers in arms.

And as for that ending, wow. Feyre you’re a boss and a bad-ass, I did not see it coming at all! I’m worried about how this is going to play out in the next book, as with the amount of surprises in this one, I’m not how on earth this could end up. I am really rooting for Feyre and Rhys. The power couple, the dream team. I really hope they can be together properly and that there is a happy ending. (If you have read the series/ next book and there isn’t a happy ending I know internally you are realising that I’m going to get my bookheart broken, yes I have decided a bookheart is a psychological concept).

If you’ve read it you’ll get why I chose this mug

I could go on and on and on about this book but I’m pretty sure everyone would rather read the actual book than read my possibly incoherent ramblings about how I want to strangle Tamlin and how I am currently internally screaming that I am shipping Feyre and Rhys forevermore.

Does anyone else get so engrossed in a book or series that you generally can’t stop thinking about it or am I extremely weird? If ya feel me – let me know!

Thanks for reading, even if it was exhausting.

Elle x

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