Sundose Supplement Review

Hi guys!

Here is my review of Sundose. I was very kindly sent a course of these supplements which we tailored to suit me, however as always my review will be completely unbiased.

Sundose create personalised supplements tailored to your individual needs that contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, probiotics and adaptogens.

The right nutrition can be beneficial not only for hair, nails, and skin condition but also can improve mood and stress levels.

Here’s what I thought:

I love the fact that the product is made especially for you. When you are looking to buy the product, you just have to answer a few short questions which enables Sundose to tailor the products specifically to you. It is then created from scratch for you and sent. The shipping was really quick too. I would say though, that it would be great to have a leaflet inside detailing what the vitamins contained; this was on the outside of the box and the print was rubbing off a little from transit. It was still readable though! The supplements contain many active ingredients, such as Vitamins C, D, E, B6, B12, fish oil, zinc, magnesium, calcium and many more, all individualy tailored to your needs.

You recieve 30 days of products, which consists of 6 tablets and a sachet which you mix with water. I was a bit worried about the sachet tasting awful, but it isn’t bad at all. It has got quite a sharp taste but still does taste of orange juice. I did find that the powder didn’t fully dissolve so did have to keep stirring it, but other than that I had no issues. Of course if you aren’t keen on taking tablets then taking 6 tablets a day may be a bit more difficult for you. I found I was able to take them without any difficulty.

Now, we’ve all heard stories of different vitamins making you look and feel better and if you’re like me who takes so many vitamins usually with no effect, you’re going to be sceptical of this product. However, I can honestly say that after taking Sundose for 30 days, that I did really notice a difference! I’ve felt more ‘awake’ and brighter, and my skin has been so much clearer; even my husband remarked that I had acquired quite a healthy glow. My hair seemed to get greasy less often too, so I’d say that’s a win win!! I also felt more active and refreshed. This was perfact as I completed the 30 day course just in time for my wedding day! My nails have been stronger and I was feeling super happy, although was getting excited about my wedding day! Overall I am really happy with this product and I’m very grateful to Sundose for allowing me to sample it!

I would definitely take Sundose again and I am really happy with the results. You can order and tailor your own vitamins on the website here, or check them out on Facebook, or via the app store as in the above photo.

Thanks for reading!

Miche xx

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