Sophdoesnails Makeup Revolution Palette Review

So I’ll be the first to admit that I really don’t have the best make up skills, but I love to give it a go. I find applying my make up and creating different looks so much fun, and in a way, rather therapeutic. My favourite eye shadow palette at the moment is the Makeup Revolution palette by the beautiful Youtuber @Sophdoesnails. I’ll post a link to her YouTube channel here.

Anyway, it’s quite obvious from that statement that this will be a very positive review so I’ll keep it nice and short and simple.

Here is the beauty in all of it’s glory:

So I will start off with the packaging. The outer box is this beautiful packaging with pinks and creams and hold sploges all over it. I really think that if youre walking through a shop this product would really stand out and catch your eye. The actual casing of the palette itself is this nice simple creamy colour. It’s nice, sleek, elegant yet is a nice change from jist a standard black which I personally think makes it look quite prestigious.

Onto the inside!! I think this pallete has a really good range of colours and that the looks you can create with it are endless. I absolutely love the creative names that Soph has chosen. My favourite transition colours are Peaches and Pug. Fairy Lights is a gorgeous shade for the inner corner. My favourite shade in the whole palette has to be the hot pink Strawberry Sweets, closely followed by Copper Coin. The shadows are incredible pigmented nd blendable and I have found that they don’t fade throughout the day like many eyeshadows do.

Here are some of my favourite looks that I have created with this palette. Like I said above, I’m not the best at makeup so although these might not look the best I can honestly say that it’s nothing to do with product but instead me!

Shades used: Peaches, Wildberry, Sparks Fly, Fairy Lights
Shades used: Wildberry, Pink Champagne, Cuppa Tea, Fairy Lights
Shades used: Tiramisu, Mug Cake, Grow Old, Peaches
Shades used: Cloudberry, Pumpkin, Pancake

So overall I absolutely love this palette. I think you can create really good looks for each season – the pinks and creams for spring, the green and red for Christmas/ blue for winter, the black and browns for Autumn, orange and pink for Summer.. so many combinations! I’m a huge fan!

Thanks for reading!

Michelle x

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