Let’s Get Writing!

Hi there.

I’m Michelle.

Welcome to my blog. I must admit that this is not the first first blog post that I have written. I attempted to start writing a blog a little over a year ago, however this proved rather difficult as I was in my final year of university (I now have a BA degree in History) and i was working nearly full time around that, so finding the time to write my blog around all of this proved difficult. I decided to wait until after graduation, but myself and my fiance then moved into our first house together. This was of course absolutely wonderful, but our house required a great deal of work doing to it and we did it all ourselves around working full time, so as much as i wished to just sit down and write, I had to prioritise our home.

Now, almost a year after graduating and securing our mortgage, I’m ready. I’m ready to write to my heart’s content. I have always loved writing, and I want to ensure I make it an integral part of my life. I am aiming to keep this blog varied, with general lifestyle posts and everything else that interests me, such as travel, beauty, books, fashion, history, cooking, my influences, etc etc. I could go on for quite a while.

I thought carefully about what to call my blog, and I decided to go with GarnetsandGlitter; garnet as its my my birthstone, as well as my mother’s and my late grandmother’s, and glitter because I am obsessed with anything sparkly!

I aim to keep my blog interesting and fun, and I hope that whoever is reading this enjoys my future posts.

Thank you 🙂


p.s – Please follow me on my social media:

Instagram – @garnetsandglitter

Twitter – @garnetsglitter

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